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⚠️ High chat volumes: We're looking out for our employees and the KOHO community, as well as making sure we are there to help with all requests. While our agents are working hard to assist everyone, you may experience delays in responses. We apologize for any inconvenience, and want to thank you for your patience during this time!



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Loading & Payments 

⚠️ Inbound e-Transfers to load account
✅ Outbound e-Transfers to a non-KOHO account
✅ Bill Pay
✅ Direct Deposit
✅ Pre-Authorized Debits
✅ K2K Transfers
✅ Transfer between Personal and Joint accounts

Card Functionality 

✅ Physical Card Purchases
✅ Virtual Card Purchases
✅ ATM Withdrawals 

App Functionality 

⭐️ Security: Always make sure you use a unique password for your KOHO account. Read more on how to reset your password.
✅ Onboarding
✅ Goals
✅ PowerUps
✅ RoundUps

✅ Logging in to the app

✅ Outbound e-Transfer


✅ In-app Chat*
✅ KOHO Virtual Assistant
⚠️ Phone:  We have updated our support channels to help you better. Please reach out directly to us via in-app chat.
✅ Email*


⭐️ Always keep your information safe. Check out this link to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for information on known past and current scams and/or fraud that may impact you.

*Chat and email response hours:

Weekdays, 9am-9pm EST | Weekends, 9am-5pm EST

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