Here's what you need to know:

Why the change?

We’ve added this option to create a more efficient and secure process of loading e-Transfers for our users.

Can I do it the old way?

No, you've been given a new, unique e-Transfer email address you will need to switch to this new email to fund your account now! 

Will the unique password be the same security password I had before?

Yes, your e-Transfer security password has not changed. However, we always recommend double-checking your answer by clicking the $ symbol > Add funds to your account > Load via e-Transfers.

Will my friends be able to send me e-Transfers now?

Not yet, but this is one step closer in that direction!

If your e-Transfer is taking more than three hours to fund your account, please reach out to us through our in-app chat so our team can help you load your account.

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