So you already know about Price Match, but you're not sure what to expect. Here are some commonly asked questions and their answers to get you started! 

1 ) I’ve sent in my receipts but I haven’t heard back. When should I be hearing from you guys?

Once we get your receipt, we monitor and search for a lower price for your purchase as long as we can. We keep monitoring your purchase based on the store's price matching policy. Some stores have 14, 30, 60 day policies so please hang tight and keep your original receipt. 

Keep in mind that we won’t reach out unless we find something, but that just means you got the best price for the items you bought! 

2) How will I know that you found a deal? 

Our team will email you as soon as we find the item being sold at a lower price at a different store, or if the store has dropped the price. The email will contain the savings we found for you and how you can get the difference back onto your KOHO card! 

3) Does KOHO give me money back if you find a deal? How do I get my money once a deal is found? 

KOHO does not give you the money back, rather we help you take advantage of the store's price match policy. You just need go to the store with the information KOHO provides you, plus the original receipt. You'll then get the difference credited back to your KOHO card.

For some online purchases (if the store allows it) we will try to get the difference credited back to your KOHO card on your behalf. 

4) None of the receipts I’ve sent get a deal? Is there something wrong?

Just a heads up, we’re only able to find price matching or price dropping deals for purchases made at one of our eligible merchants. For example, we wont be able to monitor purchases from Amazon because it is not an eligible merchant.

Also we won't be able to find price matching or price dropping deals on food items. So if there are food items on you Walmart receipt, even though Walmart is an eligible merchant we won't be able to monitor the food items. 

If you are sending receipts from eligible merchants, we monitor your items for as long as the store's price matching policy allows. If you don’t get a message from us then you know that you got the lowest price for your purchase!

If you want to learn more about how KOHO Price Match works and the list of supported stores you can go here

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