What is it?

The Merchant PowerUp Program is a way for KOHO users to earn additional PowerUps with participating merchants. The specific value of each PowerUp will vary by merchant, refer to the table below for more details.

How do I earn the extra PowerUps?

It’s easy! Just use your KOHO card as you normally would at participating merchants and the extra PowerUps will automatically be added to your account within 1-2 business days. No promo codes needed!

Do I still get the usual PowerUp (0.5%) with each purchase?

Yes! Each merchant-specific PowerUp is in addition to your normal PowerUps.

What are the current PowerUps available?

We are currently partnered with the following companies to offer KOHO users extra PowerUps:

Current Merchant Partners

What are the total PowerUps I can get from a purchase with these merchants?

Where can I find additional details?

Details on each specific Merchant PowerUp can be found on the PowerUps page of the app. Please refer to the app to make sure your favourite PowerUp is still active! 

Are there restrictions?

Greenhouse Juice and Freshii purchases must be made directly at one of their stores or through their website. Purchases made at grocery stores and other third party services (i.e., Ritual or other on-demand food delivery services) are excluded. 

KOHO reserves the right to remove Merchant specific PowerUps at any time and for any reason. If a merchant is no longer on the PowerUp page, extra PowerUps will not be given. We will do our best to make sure you know when partners are added or removed. 

Can I suggest additional partners?

Of course! Email us at partnerships@koho.ca and let us know who you’d like us to partner with next. 

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