Don't know much about wills? You're not alone. Death isn't the easiest topic to spend time thinking about which is why most people don't realize they'd benefit from a will. It used to be that getting a will was expensive and time-consuming. Luckily, a company called Willful has made the process easy and affordable. 

Read on to learn why everyone needs a will, and how you can get one in 15 minutes for only $99.

 If any of these describe you, then you'd benefit from having a will:

  • You're hitched!

  • You’re in a common-law relationship

  • You've gone through a divorce or separation

  • You own a home

  • You have kids or a family member who relies on you for money

  • You have assets (money or other valuables) that could potentially cause family tension when divvying them up upon your death

  • You own investments

  • You're a business owner

  • There's a cause that really matters to you, which you'd want to donate to

Is it a big deal if I die without a will?

Yes, it is! In that case, control of your estate goes into the hands of the government. The province you live in gets to decide how your assets are divided and who will be the caregiver to your kids. It could take months or years (and eat up your remaining savings) to settle your estate.

Don't I need an expensive lawyer to get a will?

Not anymore. Willful has created an online platform which creates a valid, customized online will in 15 minutes. Willful leads you through a series of questions to create a will that represents your wishes while avoiding common errors and contradictions.

Once you've gone through the questions and your will has been created, it's ready to print and sign. They'll give you detailed instructions to legalize your will and make it official. You can also edit and update it anytime.

How much does it cost?

Historically, creating a will would cost you over $1,000 in legal fees, plus several hours of your time in meetings. Willful costs a fraction of that. The price is $99 for a single will and $249 for mirrored wills for couples. 

Another bonus is that you don't pay until you download your will. This is similar to filing your taxes online, where you don't pay until you actually submit to the CRA. So if the process isn't working for you, you're able to walk away without paying a dime 👋

What legal expertise do I need?

None. Willful has put a lot of thought into how to best educate you at every step of the process. You can hover over definitions so that you're not confused by legal jargon, or browse their resource library.

Are there any cases where I should use a lawyer over Willful?

Willful suggests that if you need legal advice, you should seek a lawyer. Some examples of such situations are:

  • You or one of your dependents have a disability

  • You have property outside Canada

  • You want to disinherit someone 

Summing it all up:

Whether you're just starting out in your career, not even thinking about kids, or pretty well established with a family and property, the important thing is that you have a will. If you don’t have one, get 15% off Willful when you use the code KOHO15. 

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