💎Who Benefits From KOHO Premium? 💎

You'll definitely benefit from KOHO Premium if the $9 a month (or $84 a year) is offset by the extra PowerUps you earn.

Here's the math:

KOHO Premium gives you 2% cash back on 3 categories (eating & drinking, groceries and transportation), which is 1.5% more than a regular KOHO Account 💰

If you decide to pay annually, Premium only costs $7 per month. Once you spend $467 in these 3 categories, you'll have made back your $7. Anything on top of that is extra PowerUps in your pocket!

$467 x 1.5% = $7

If you're paying monthly, you'll need to spend $600 per month to earn more PowerUps than you would with a regular KOHO Account,.

$600 x 1.5% = $9

💥Other perks that make Premium worthwhile 💥

The key to getting the most out of KOHO Premium: We've found that our users tend to spend 15% less when they start using KOHO, so if you want to be more mindful of your spending and would benefit from the perks above, KOHO Premium is for you!

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