If you're filing your taxes by yourself online, you probably want to try and get it over with in one shot. In other words, stop the pain as quickly as possible 😉

So, what do you need to prepare?

Here are the major sections of a tax return, which indicate the information you need on-hand.

Personal information

  • Are you a Canadian resident? 

  • If you're new to Canada, what date did you arrive and what was your foreign income before arriving (in Canadian dollars)?

  • Have you been a student recently? 

  • Are you a parent? What's the SIN number of your spouse?

  • Do you need to retroactively file taxes for any of the past 3 years?


  • Are you salaried or self-employed? If you're salaried, have your T4 form accessible

  • Do you have a side hustle? If so, have your income and expenses ready

  • Do you have non-registered investments (meaning not a TFSA or RRSP)? If so, have your T3 and T5 forms ready

  • Do you earn rental income?

  • Tip: If you’ve already filed your taxes online, your T4, T3 and T5 form data should auto-populate

Deductible Expenses

  • If you're a parent, what are your childcare expenses so that you or a spouse can work?

  • If you're a student, know your tuition costs and the interest you pay on your student loan

  • Did you pay out-of-pocket medical expenses greater than 3% of income?

  • Do you have a form T2200 for work-at-home expenses?

  • If you’re self-employed, have all of your deductible expenses ready

Tax Credits and Deductions

  • What were your RRSP contributions this year?

  • The software will check if you’re applicable for other Federal and Provincial credits

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