When you create a Joint Account with a partner, you share a Spendable balance but both of you have your own Physical and Virtual cards.

Does each person on the Joint Account receive a card?

Yes. Each of the two users of the Joint Account will receive their own Physical Card in the mail.

Will my Joint partner and I receive a Joint Card if we both have different addresses? 

Yes. Each user of the Joint Account will receive the Joint to the address entered when signing up for KOHO.

My address has changed since I signed up for KOHO. What should I do?

Contact us in-app and we will help you out. Go to 'More' > 'Chat', and we'll make sure you get your Joint Card. We'll just need you to send us a picture of your driver's licence or a utility statement to confirm the change.

Can we use our account before the physical card is delivered?

Yes.  Each Joint user will receive their own Joint Virtual Card number which can be used even before your Physical Card is delivered.

You can also set up direct deposit or pay bills using your pre-authorized debit (PAD) info.

I lost my Joint Account Card, can I use my partner’s in the meantime?

No.  Only you can use your card. If you lost your card, contact us to get a new one shipped to your address. In the meantime, you can continue using your Joint Virtual Card.

If I lock my Joint Card, does it also lock the Joint card of my partner? 

Nope! Only your card will be locked. Your partner will need to lock their Joint Card separately.

If you have any other questions, be sure to reach out to us in-app!

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