Our Financial Coach is an expert who is here to help with any and all money-management questions! Our coach has the CFA and FPSC Level 1 designations.

This offer is available to KOHO Premium users as well as those who are set up on Direct Deposit and have their paycheque automatically loaded onto their account. Get set up on Direct Deposit now.

How to Use the Coaching Service 

You can ask one-off questions, or have our coach create a more in-depth, personalized plan for you. Any financial topic is on the table, such as: 

Investing - Should I be investing my money? Should I open a TFSA, RRSP, or savings account? What investing options are available and how do I choose? 

Debt - Can you help me create a plan to tackle my debt faster? How do I improve my credit score? Which order should I pay down my debt? 

Saving and Budgeting - How do I create a budget I can stick to? How much should I be saving per month? What’s the best way to save for a house or retirement?

Reach out to our Financial Coach through our in-app chat to get started. Just make sure to tag your message with the hashtag #coach

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