The Spendable amount on your account is the suggested amount that you have available to spend and is calculated as: 

Spendable = Balance - Savings* 

*Savings is a combination of your Goals and RoundUps not yet cashed out

Creating a Goal will calculate the amount needed to reach your goal and RoundUps will set aside the amount rounded up from your purchase(s). These amounts are automatically subtracted from your Spendable. 

As a result, your Spendable may go into a negative amount if the amount saved within your Goals and/or RoundUps exceeds your card Balance. 

Regardless, the amount on your card's Balance is what you have available to spend. Your Spendable is just a suggested amount to spend.

To bring your Spendable back into the positive, you can:

  1. Delete or mark your Goal as complete
  2. Withdraw from your Goal (without needing to complete it)
  3. Add additional funds to your account. Learn more on this here. 
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