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Transfer money from KOHO to Wealthsimple
Transfer money from KOHO to Wealthsimple
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Are you wondering how to add money to your Wealthsimple account right from your KOHO Spendable? Want to set up reoccurring contributions or do a one-time contribution?
We got you ✨

First, within the KOHO app:

  1. You can find all the info you'll need in your KOHO app under the profile icon > Monthly statements. There you'll find the most recent monthly statement. 

  2. Download as a PDF and send it to your computer to upload to Wealthsimple.

Note: Wealthsimple requires that you upload this PDF from your desktop, and not from your phone.

Next, on Wealthsimple's web portal: 

  1. Log into your Wealthsimple account from their web portal (not from mobile)

  2. Click "Funding" on the top left of the page and the "From" drop down menu. Select "Add a new bank account"

  3. Choose Peoples Trust Company (Financial Institution Number: 621)

  4. Input KOHO's Transit Number: 16001

  5. Input your unique Account Number found on your KOHO statement

  6. Attach the PDF of your KOHO statement form and submit

You should see your newly added account within the "From" dropdown menu. Select which Wealthsimple account you'd like to add money to, choose the amount, schedule when you'd like to make the deposit, and submit!

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