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Spending and saving has never looked so good. Don't believe us? Take us for a spin to find out why 375.000 Canadians love using KOHO.


Got pals? We got up to $1000 prizes in cash! Share your referral code on social, via text or slide right into your friends' DMs.


Nothing new to report, because we thought the KOHO app is, as Mr. Bruno Mars would put it - amaaazing just the way it is!


We've said it before and we'll say it again - we love our French community. Now, it's time we walk our talk with the KOHO French app launch. Available now in-app, get all your beloved financial updates in French or English.


We've given our referral program a little update. Invite your friends, pals, and mates to KOHO and earn an easy $20. No need to stop at one referral, because you can earn up to $1000.


We've given our referral program a little update. Invite your friends, pals, and mates to KOHO and earn an easy $20. No need to stop at one referral, because you can earn up to $1000.


Be a good friend and get rewarded. Refer for a chance to win $1000 or a Metal Card - but hurry, the contest ends June 30. Plus, every referral you make to KOHO will now earn you an extra $20. Cha-ching!


Be a good friend and get rewarded. Refer for a chance to win $1000 or a Metal Card - but hurry, the contest ends June 30.


This just in: Our referral contest is on now. Refer a friend to KOHO for a chance to win one of 50 Metal Cards (each worth $159!) or one of five $1000 cash prizes.


Hey smart spender - fancy seeing you here. For this release, we've made some tweaks so earning 1.2% interest and building your credit score is that much easier. Make that money!


This release we fixed some bugs and probably consumed way too much coffee. Happy spending and saving!


In this release, we've made tagging and searching through your transactions a whole lot easier. Plus, if you're looking to build your credit score, you can now pay upfront or monthly - we love options! Now go on, continue as you were with your financial journey.


Start earning 1.2% interest on your entire balance with KOHO Save! No teaser rates here. Earn money on every dollar and dime you deposit.

Did you know you can (re)build your credit score with KOHO? It's super easy, stress-free, and best of all, you don't need to do anything on your end. Try it out in-app now for $7/month.


We've made paying bills with KOHO even easier by allowing you to cancel pending payments and and delete payees.


Did you know that you can (re)build your credit score with KOHO? It's super easy, stress-free, and best of all, you don't need to do anything on your end. Try it out in-app now for $7/month.


Meet the new and improved 2021-version of us. We've levelled up your favourite spending and saving app by fixing some bugs and leaving any and all 2020 negative energy behind. Let's get crushing some financial goals, together!


For our final release of 2020, we give you a new feature and a contest.

When you refer a friend to KOHO from now until January 31st, 2021, you'll be entered into our referral contest to win one of our ten limited edition Metal Cards and our grand prize of $5,000.

Plus, you can now build you credit score with us. For only $7/month, let's open more opportunities for you! After all financial goals are life goals.


What's new? Meet Vault! It's a new space to stash away cash you want to avoid spending - lock away, build your savings, repeat.


This version holds some updates that allow you to refer friends and set up a direct deposit easier. Spending and saving has never looked so good.


This release boasts a new feature we've dubbed Early Payroll Instant. Get $100 of your paycheque any time you need it - just set up direct deposit to be eligible. On top of this, we've made some sparkling new changes for you eye. We're starting to think this whole age thing is looking better on us every day.


*Drum roll please* — you can now create a budget in-app! Just set it and forget it. We’ll do all the tracking for you. Use it to reduce your spend, see exactly where your money is going, and save even faster. While you’re in-app you’ll see we’ve revamped the spending insights page too!


With this release, you’ll see a new feature we’ve dubbed Early Payroll. Our users can now get $100 of their paycheque up to 3 days early. No fees, no interest — just set up direct deposit and you’ll have access!


Things have changed. And no, we’re not talking about your new self-cut bangs. The fourth KOHO app tab you used to know as “Referrals” has gotten a new name. We know, this is big news. Please address this tab as “Perks” now. Why the change? In addition to seeing referrals here, you’ll now also see extra PowerUps and offers. So what does this mean? More cash back offers are coming your way!


We’re back again introducing the latest and greatest version of ourselves. In this update, we’ve made some changes to the app navigation to help streamline money movement. Also, say hello to a brand new section in-app to help users discover more tools to improve your financial life.


Patience is key, but sometimes waiting can be a bit of a mood-killer. To speed up our signup process, we’ve made it easier for new users to verify their identity. This means faster access to the best banking app out there. Did we mention we’re humble too?


The midnight oil was definitely burning for this update. Our beloved feature—Dialogue—received some tweaks, so using it will be that much easier.

We were feeling quite the creative flow during this update. We’ve also gone ahead and given a few pages a redesign. You might see the direct deposit page, financial coach page, and front page for Premium users looking a little different. We thought you might appreciate a change of scenery! Also say hi to our new partners: Harvey’s, Natura Market and Second Closet.


Change! Everyone loves it and right now, everybody really needs it. So, we’ve given our Premium pages an update. Switching to Premium has never looked quite this good. Other changes in the air include the ability to access your CERB payments early and register for CRA direct deposits right from your KOHO app. Oh, and we’ve squashed some bugs too.


*Drum roll please* At last, the passcode page has gotten its much-needed makeover. You'll now notice every 20-somethings favourite vegetable front and center on the page. Perfectly ripe, and ready to be smothered on a loaf of pumpernickel. You might also notice the referral page has gotten one too. And there you have it, we may all come out of work from home less good looking than an app.


The midnight oil has been burning for this latest app release. A few things have changed—both the PowerUps section and Savings tab have gotten a makeover. Cash back and saving have never looked so good. 

We’ve also polished up the Direct Deposit page. It’s easier to set it up with KOHO and get the most out of your account!


In this release, we’ve said goodbye to the More tab and replaced it with the Referral tab. Now you can easily track which pals have opted to join KOHO—hopefully, all of them.

To view account details and My Cards, head to the Spending page. While you’re there, you can also toggle between your personal and joint account, view statements, or chat with our lovely support team anytime. 

In other news, Spendable and Total balance have gotten a new look—just in time for a Spring refresh! 


In this release, say goodbye to the loading spinner on the spending page. Instead, you’ll see tiles loading with individual animations. In other news, Premium users now have access to Dialogue, a virtual clinic that connects you to healthcare professionals wherever you are!


In this release, our platform has received a tune-up. App loading times? We’ve taken care of them so we can better serve our users—and you can access your money faster! 


In this release, new users can now sign-up and take KOHO for a spin in under 5 minutes! We’ve also made some fancy redesigns to the spending and transfer pages so it’s easier to keep an eye on your activity in real time. 


With this new release, we’ve polished up the card ordering experience and taken care of some bugs app-wide for a top-notch user experience


In this release, you will now be able to track where your referees are sitting in the referral cycle. This includes the handy new option to nudge them to complete the process, which triggers more PowerUps for you (cha-ching!), and gets them one step closer to all the perks of KOHO. 


With this release, new users can now opt into Premium during sign-up and dive into all those awesome perks right from Day 1. In addition, all users can now access our Price Match feature by uploading receipts and beginning a Premium trial.


This release includes an update on the Price Match page with the low-down on how to snap a valid photo of a receipt for a higher chance of finding a price match. And in other news, Premium users will now see a fancy new Premium themed header on their home screen to remind them of their perks. 


This release includes a new page with everything you need to know about KOHO Premium, including how to get back your fancy perks ASAP if you miss a payment!

We’ve made getting extra cash back even easier to navigate! Check out the Price Match landing page for a step-by-step guide on our Price Match feature, the PowerUps page for our new promotions with Freshii, JJ Bean and Booking.com, and head over to our referral page for info on how to refer friends and reap those cash back benefits!


This release is all about clearing up those burning questions: what is the KOHO virtual card and how do I use it? (Spoiler alert: with the virtual card, users can start spending within minutes of signing up!) Also highlighted are some of our awesome security features, including how to lock your card instantly in-app. 


This release showcases how to earn up to 12.5% cash back with KOHO. Get up to 6% back on your next travel adventure through Booking.com and Sunwing!

Want to save some cash on back-to-school shopping? Look for the magnifying glass in your activity feed to see if you have transactions that are eligible for our Price Match program.

See the progress of your referrals in the invite page. You’ll now know if you need to give your pals a nudge, or show them the ropes on using KOHO.


It’s all about the cash back baby! We've revamped our rewards program to make it easier to save as you spend. Get an additional 1% cash back for every referral you make and extra 0.5% when you load money via direct deposit. Check out the PowerUps page to see offers of up to 5% extra cash back at partner merchants. 

Ready to up your wallet game? Premium users can now order their new vertical cards within the Premium tab of the app (tap More> Premium>A new look>Order card).


We’re excited to launch a more seamless onboarding experience for people who want to join KOHO. With this, we’ve made it easier than ever for people to verify their identities through taking a picture of their driver's license. Now, people are able to experience KOHO faster and more secure than ever!


We’re excited to launch a more seamless onboarding experience for people who want to join KOHO. With this, we’ve made it easier than ever for people to verify their identities through taking a picture of their driver's license. Now, people are able to experience KOHO faster and more secure than ever!


Boy do we have an exciting update for you! We’ve launched KOHO Premium, which you can now sign up for in-app. What do you get?? 2% cash back on groceries, eating out & transportation, no foreign transaction fees, financial coaching, and price matching. There’s a free 30 day trial for anyone who wants to take Premium for a spin. 

We’ve partnered with certain merchants to give all KOHO users extra cash back and Foodora is the first! For those who take their cash back very seriously, you also can now see the PowerUps you’re getting on every transaction you make. Transparency is our middle name after all.


Our coffee-fuelled engineers have been hard at work improving the KOHO experience. Onboarding enhancements allow you to open a KOHO account in minutes, while adding money and referring friends is now a breeze. This all means less time toggling in your app, and more time enjoying the sunshine. You can also now see insights by tag (such as “business” or “reimbursement”) rather than category.

If you have any questions or comments for us, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out anytime via our in-app chat!


What’s new? A few small but important features to keep your app running as smooth as silk. During sign-up, you’ll know whether your identity has been verified or is still pending. Once cleared, you can now start spending immediately using Apple Pay! You can also change your address and report a lost or stolen card right in the app.

If you get a kick out of tracking your spend, you’ll be thrilled to know you can now categorize Bill Payments, eTransfers and Pre-Authorized Debits.

Questions or qualms? Reach out to us anytime via our in-app chat.


We have some very exciting news (drum roll please . . .) KOHO is now compatible with Apple Pay! iOS users can add their Physical or Virtual Card to their Apple Wallet. No more waiting for your Physical card to arrive in the mail. Simply load funds and tap for purchases wherever Apple Pay is accepted. 

We’ve also made some minor improvements to your real-time notifications and merchant transaction history. As always, reach out to us with questions or feedback anytime. We’d love to hear from you. 


Small changes in this update. To make splitting expenses as seamless as possible, you can accept a Joint Account invite seamlessly in-app. Plus, since we want your money to be as secure as possible, we’ve made some security improvements to the bill-pay and e-Transfer functions.


No amount of snow or freezing rain can hold our team back this winter! In pursuit of making our app as user-friendly as possible, you can now hide cards on the home-screen if they don’t tickle your fancy. 

Our GET $60 button is also a reminder you can earn up to $60 each time you refer a friend. You and your pal will each get $20 on their first purchase, and $40 more if they set up Payroll Direct with an employer for at least $500. As always, keep your feedback rolling our way. We live for it!


We are just a wee bit excited to announce that JOINT ACCOUNTS are here! For the first time in Canada you can now share an account with anyone you want (like a sibling, spouse, roommate or friend), for free. You’ll each get a new Joint Account card so you can easily share funds, track your expenses, contribute to common Savings Goals, and say goodbye to splitting the restaurant bill. We hope you like the new look and feel of the app too! 

  • Home screen with the ability to Add funds and Pay Bills directly 

  • We've bid adieu to the side menu bar and instead you'll find an easier to navigate More tab that captures all app features and information previously under the side menu 

  • Transfer tab to view and make transfers to your friends and family


Be sure you’re on the latest version of KOHO, and check out our snappy new home screen.


Here’s what we’ve got for you in this release:

  • A slick new home screen to guide you through the app

  • Streamlined flow for our new users

  • Easier password reset for all!


We’ve optimized the app behind-the-screens to keep things running smoothly amidst the chaos. 

  • Search through your RoundUp history

  • A Virtual card is now auto-created for you as soon as you create your KOHO account so you can shop online before your physical card arrives.


  • Now you can RoundUp every purchase to the nearest $2

  • Refer a friend and each get a $20 bonus when they make their first purchase

  • Track and scroll through your Goal history

  • Set semi-monthly Goal contributions for the 1st and 15th of the month


As of this release you can download exportable monthly statements from your app! Choose either PDF or CSV, and go back as far as when you first started using KOHO. Oh wait, there’s more:

  • A new offer from Goose, a Canadian insurance startup we believe in

  • You’ll notice an alert if you’ve reached a negative Spendable balance

  • Good old fashioned bug fixes to keep your experience silky smooth


This update is bursting at the seams with new features and waiting for you in the side menu of your app.

Like what?

  • Offers: Introducing the first part of an ongoing partnership with our pals at Wealthsimple

  • KOHO Labs: help us improve our technology by teaching our robot to recognize a photo of your hydro bill, your cell phone bill, or really any bill you’ve got lying around

  • What’s New: a new page so you can always be-in-the-know about, well, what’s new!

  • And, we’ve bid adieu to the ATM Finder. It wasn’t serving our users, so we’re working on a better solution for you


A virtual card—for online shopping when your wallet is too far away and the couch too comfy—can now be instantly created in your KOHO app. But that’s not all. Behold our latest (and very full) update:

  • Functionality to set up recurring pre-authorized debits (to your Wealthsimple account, property tax, car insurance, and more)

  • Tag your purchases to track your spending even more closely. Like: #happyhour #roadtrip2018 or #ibuytoomanyfrappucinos

  • We’ve given some much needed love to our Insights, now found in the side menu


We’re always improving the KOHO app so that you’ve got the tools you need at your fingertips. 

Get on the latest version to:

  • Easily copy + share your referral code and get free money

  • Import your contacts and send money in a snap

  • Add funds by e-Transfer more smoothly 


This release reflects our redesign and four new cards to choose from. As well as our recent arrival in Quebec!

Worthy of Note:

  • Now you can Cash Out your RoundUps into a Goal 

  • New onboarding flow for new users

  • Select your favourite card design and read our wildly unscientific study of what that choice says about you


We would like to submit to evidence this update's changes:

Exhibit A: major improvements to our Goal feature
Exhibit B: the option to deposit your RoundUps right into your Goal
Exhibit C: a smoother onboarding experience for new users


We put a lot of love into this release. Here’s a breakdown of this update’s delights:

  • RoundUps so you can save without even trying 

  • UI improvements across the entire app 

  • Faster deposit notifications

  • Glossy new goal customization capability

  • The ability to search your transactions 

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