Join us for a wildly unscientific deep dive into what your KOHO card choice says about you 😏

If you have an older card but would like to get an updated one, please reach out to us in-app! If you want to hang on to the one you've got, that's okay too.

 Gilded Cotton Candy

Your hustle is real. You make dreams reality. Palm Springs in fall, lime Slurpees, the latest GIFs. These speak to you on a cellular level. You’re akin to “human champagne.” 

Sunkissed Skinny Dip

You love nature but thrive in the city. You’re like if Thoreau and Rihanna had a baby. You’re both down to earth and one hell of a good time. 


Blueberried Caviar

No cynic, you find the best in people even if it’s just their haircut. Balance is hitting the gym then pounding nachos. You know that guacamole is extra, thanks. 


Frozen Cherry Soda

Penny-wise and dollar wiser, you see the big picture. On a desert island you’d have a compass, dehydrated ice cream, and portable speakers. You’re a MacGyver for the modern era.

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