RoundUps help you save as you spend. Every purchase you make with your KOHO card will be rounded to the nearest $1, $2, $5 or $10 (you choose the amount). 

For example, if your purchase is $2.25, RoundUps will save $0.75, $1.75, $2.75 or $7.75 for you automatically based on which RoundUps amount you choose!

Those extra amounts are put aside in your Savings so you can cash them out at a later date! 💸

You can check how much you have already saved, change your RoundUps amount anytime and Cash Out by going to: Savings > RoundUps 😎

Lastly, to keep track of your Cash Out activity, our RoundUps History under Savings > RoundUps > Show history will allow you to do just that! 

🙋Just a quick heads up, the separation between your Spendable and your RoundUps and Savings are a visual separation. This means that although on your KOHO app, they are in different sections, when it comes to transaction, your KOHO account is all one account. If you have $10 in your Spendable and $5 in your RoundUps and $2 in a Savings Goal and make a purchase for $17, this transaction will pull funds from your RoundUps and Savings Goal.

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