Although e-Transfers are loaded to accounts automatically, they may not appear instantly.

How long will it take to see the e-Transfer you sent us on your account?

With certain financial institutions, you should see the funds loaded within minutes ⚡️

A few things to consider:

  • It depends on when we receive the funds from your bank. This can take up to 45 minutes 

  • Once we receive it, it will be processed in the order in which we receive it

  • For users that don't have 3rd party e-Transfers enabled, the sender name on the e-Transfer must match the name of the KOHO account holder

If you experience a delay of over three hours to receive your e-Transfer on your KOHO account:

  1. Go to your online banking app 

  2. Send a Reminder email so that we can reattempt depositing your transfer. 

  3. If the e-Transfer was from a 3rd party (friend, family, business) please make sure they sent the funds to your unique email address found in-app (ending in

If you are still not seeing your funds loaded after more than three hours, check our Status Page for any known delays.

 If no delays are reported, it could be that your financial institution or Interac has held the transfer for review. You can reach out to us in our in-app chat so we can take a closer look!

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