Before we can complete your account, we need to adhere to strict Canadian financial regulations and verify your identity. This will let us build a secure profile + protect you from fraud.

We need two documents to verify you. They must be original PDFs downloaded directly from your service provider's website. 

Here's the breakdown

  1. Your phone bill. If you don't have one, a hydro bill, internet bill, investment statement, or a CRA document will work too. 
  2. A current bank statement. For example, a bank account or credit card statement or linking to an existing Canadian bank or credit union. 

We can't accept photos, scans, or photocopies of documents (this is a Canadian financial regulation).  Once you've got the two downloaded documents you can upload them through the link we provided you via email.

It usually takes up to 2-4 business days for our team to review your documents!

Reach out to us in-app if you have specific questions, and thanks again for joining us!

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