Don't miss out on the thrill of joining KOHO 😏

It's important to make your first purchase within 24 hours after calling in to activate your card. Making your first purchase is also when you sync your PIN, which secures your card.

It's super easy, too:

  1. Load funds onto your card. Read how here
  2. Make an in-store purchase to activate your card. For this first transaction, insert your card + input your PIN. You can use the tap function from here on out.

If you missed the 24 hour activation window to sync your PIN to your card, just call us to reset your PIN. Just call 1-855-564-6999, option 3 to reset it at any time. You can use the same PIN as before. If you've forgotten what PIN you set for yourself, no worries, just call the same number above and choose option 3!

Let us know through our in-app chat if you've got any questions!

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