If you want to link your PayPal or Stripe account with KOHO, log in to your PayPal account and set up a direct deposit. Select Link a bank account > I have a different bank account and add in your direct deposit details provided in your KOHO app under the Move Money tab > Direct Deposit.

PayPal will send micro-deposits to your KOHO account 2-3 days after you’ve initiated the link, and you will need to confirm the deposited amounts on your PayPal account. For Stripe, you can add in your KOHO direct deposit information under Payouts > Add Bank Account.  Keep in mind, you are able to deposit money to KOHO but you won't be able to move money/refunds from KOHO to Paypal/Stripe.  

Heads up, if the name on your PayPal account is different than the name on your KOHO account (i.e. a business account), we unfortunately are unable to process it. 

Let us know through our in-app chat if you have any trouble 💸

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