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Where does the money go when I set a Goal?
Where does the money go when I set a Goal?
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It all comes down to your Total Balance and your Spendable →

  • Total Balance: The real money that you have put into your KOHO account.

  • Spendable: The suggested amount you have to spend without dipping into your Goal Savings. 

KOHO automatically, virtually, moves your scheduled Goal contribution, let's say $50 bucks every two-weeks, from your Spendable to your Goal Savings (just tap the Savings tab to see it). 

What if you don't have enough money in your account to meet your daily contribution? 

You can contribute to your goal at any time, this goes for withdrawing some funds or cashing out and completing your goal.

🙋Just a quick heads up, the separation between your Spendable and your RoundUps and Savings are a visual separation. This means that although on your KOHO app, they are in different sections, when it comes to transaction, your KOHO account is all one account. If you have $10 in your Spendable and $5 in your RoundUps and $2 in a Savings Goal and make a purchase for $17, this transaction will pull funds from your RoundUps and Savings Goal.

You can cash out your Goal Savings whenever you want or need. In-app, go to the Save tab and select an existing Goal. You can select the Goal Settings in the top right-hand corner and adjust, pause, or delete the goal as needed 👍

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