Direct Deposit  💳

  • In-app, click the $ symbol > Set up direct deposit > and download the direct deposit void cheque. Then, ask your payroll department to have all or a portion of your paycheque go directly to your KOHO account.
  • Make sure your employer is using the exact information that is on your direct deposit form. The payee name on the direct deposit must match the name on your KOHO account.
  • Check that the direct deposit will be within your KOHO account's velocity limits.
  • Since KOHO is a financial service and not a bank, we, unfortunately, do not have a swift code or IBAN number, nor can we accept international wire transfers

When can I expect my direct deposit to land in my KOHO account?

You can expect to receive your direct deposit within 3 - 5 business days of the payment being issued out. For CRA deposits, you can expect to receive payments within 5 business days of the scheduled payment date.

Please note that when you set up a new direct deposit to your KOHO account, we’ll need to review it before loading. This should be done by 12 PM EST. As you continue getting direct deposits from the same source to your KOHO account, they’ll be loaded earlier in the day. If you haven't received a direct deposit by 12 PM EST on your expected payday, reach out to us in-app to assist!

🙋 FYI - Direct Deposit can also be referred to as Pre-Authorized Credit (PAC) or Direct Load

Reach out to us in-app if you have any questions 🤔

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