You got KOHO. Congrats on your great taste. So, now what? We’ve
given you 2 ways to load your card so you can start spending + saving.

1. e-Transfers 📲

  • Send an e-Transfer from your existing bank account to
  • For the security question write: KOHO Load Code
  • For the security answer, use your unique security code that lives in-app under Home screen > Add Funds > e-Transfer 
  • Check that the notification type is Email and not Phone/SMS on your bank's Recipient side (this will send the e-Transfer notification to your phone number, and not to 
  • You will see the funds on your account in 24 hours. If your bank charges you an e-Transfer fee let us know in the message section of the e-Transfer and we’ll cover it (for e-Transfers over $20).

2. Payroll Direct 💳

If you know you want to track your spending and save regularly, then setting up direct deposit with KOHO is the move. 

  • In-app go to Home > Add Funds > Payroll Direct and download the Payroll Direct information form. Then ask your payroll department to have all or a portion of your paycheque go directly to your KOHO account.

                                  Reach out to us in-app if you have any questions!

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