How to Load:

  • The sender's name and email on all e-Transfers must match the KOHO account name
  • Successful e-Transfers will be loaded to your account as quickly as our system can process them, up to 24 hours
  • If your bank charges you an e-Transfer fee we will gladly refund it for transfers of $20 or more (add the amount you get dinged in the messages section of your e-Transfer)

Key Info to Set Up an e-Transfer:

  • Send an e-Transfer to:
  • Security question: KOHO Load Code
  • Security answer: This will be your unique Load Code (use the steps below to find this!)
  • Log into KOHO app > Home > Add Funds > e-Transfer
  • Check that the notification type is Email and not Phone/SMS on your bank's Recipient side (this will send the e-Transfer notification to your phone number, and not to¬†

How long will it take to see the e-Transfer you sent us on your account?

  • It depends when we receive the funds from your bank. This alone can take up to 45 minutes
  • Once we receive it, it will be processed in the order in which we receive it
  • Typically, your funds should be available within the hour but it can take a little longer depending on the factors above (sometimes up to 24 hours)

NOTE: refrain from sending a reminder e-Transfer, this will bump your e-Transfer down in the queue.

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